Billys Original

The original from 1993! Billys original is topped with delicious cheese, pork and sun dried tomatoes.

Billys Peperoni

A hotter alternative!
Billys Peperoni is topped with spicy peperoni, delicious cheese and sun dried tomatoes.

Billys Kebab

Nothing beats Billys kebab!
Billys kebab is topped with really good kebab meat, an extra thick tomato sauce and a spicy kebab sauce.



Billys Mac & Cheese

Billys Mac & Cheese takes your meal to the next level. Pizza and pasta topped with tomato sauce and delicious cheese

Billys Bacon Cheeseburger

Hurry up and get your fingers in this heavenly pizza! 
Toppet with beef, bacon and lots of cheese. 

Billys New Yorker

Our most mest topped pizza ever
A true meat-pizza that contains both steak, pepperoni and bacon!