About Q Foods A/S

Q Foods A/S is a countrywide sales company that focuses on the sales and marketing of quality foods to the retail and food service sector. Q Foods was founded in 2003.

Today we are among the largest players in the Danish market. We sell and market a string of well-known, strong brands and have a very clear set of standards:

  • We only work with products of a high quality.
  • We are flexible and cover all aspects of sales and marketing to the retail and food service sector.
  • All tasks are undertaken by a team of experienced employees. 

We work with brands and partners such as Højer Pølser, Amanda Seafood, The Dafgård Family, SIA Glass, Peka Kroff, Maitre Pierre, Eksotiske Delikatesser, Taga Foods, BeBurger, N'tatlim. 

We work with a nationwide professional organisation and cover Key Account functions in retail and food service. In addition, we have a sales force which covers retail shops, and one which covers wholesalers and end users of the food service sector.

Q Foods' philosohpy is that a sale is created together with the customer!

Please contact us to hear what we can do for you, and how we can help your company towards an improved approach and result to the Danish market.

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