SIA Glass

That which sets SIA Glass aside from the rest, is that all of our products are made from real cream, with natural ingredients of a high quality.

We have ice cream for the whole family – from the children’s colourful favourites, luxury ice cream of the finest quality for the adults, ecological variations for the environmentally aware and lactose free for those who want or need it.

We can proudly say that we finally can offer lactose free ice cream, of a quality which has never been seen before! It is so creamy and delicious, that it cannot be told apart from ordinary ice cream. In the range, can be found several variations as lactose free, including vanilla, with real vanilla root, strawberry with wild strawberries and chocolate with cocoa and marshmallow!

Our ecological ice is made traditionally, clean tasting, paying attention to health, climate and animals. Our ecological range includes vanilla with real vanilla root, raspberry sorbet, coconut and cloudberries.
The ice cream quality is assured by using the best ingredients from nature’s own larder, including milk, berries, nuts, chocolate, oats etc. – but most importantly, it is made from real cream!

There are over 30 exciting flavours to choose between, in 5 liter buckets.

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