Højer Pølser

Højer Pølser is a family owned business built on proud traditions of craftsmanship!

It is more than 115 years since the first sausage was tasted, since then this family business has been handed down to generation after generation of the Müller family.

Today we are on the 4th generation and the two brothers, Gert and Jan, together with the family and a staff of good and loyal employees, ensure that the traditions of craftsmanship live on. 

We have developed the art of sausage making, leaving our mark on the trade to such a degree that we today offer many varieties of sausages and sandwich filings of a quality that is hard to match. Additionally most Højer products are gluten- and lactose free!

A natural part of our continued development is the production of ecological sandwich fillings. With the Højer history, the family traditions and the fact that we are more than just a sausage factory, actually having our fine old shop, we have developed our new ecological series “The Shop’s Ecologicals”.

Visit Højer Pølser at www.hoejerpoelser.dk

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