Over three generations Dafgård has developed Swedish home cooking. Dafgård is a modern Swedish family-owned business. Their love for food and innovation has been the driving force of the company since their father and grandfather, Gunnar Dafgård started the business in the 1930’s. For us foods means feeling and happiness, but also love and care. At Dafgård we are clever and strive to help your family to eat tasty, good food. All our dishes must not only taste right, they must have the right consistency, smell good and look inviting.

Good quality is a must at Dafgård’s company, and Dafgård’s mission is to offer a wide range of good food, making things easier and saving the customers’ time in the kitchen.

In the wide range of products, one can find everything from Sous vide meat, mince products, readymade meals, bread, cakes and much more!

Visit Dafgård at www.familjendafgard.se

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