Amanda Seafoods

100 years of fish with a smile. Amanda Seafoods A/S celebrates their 100 years anniversary in 2016. That makes us proud!

The company was founded in Kerteminde in 1916 under the product name “555” by Chr. Hansen.

The canned fish factory’s first product was fish balls and boned herrings. In the mid 50’s up came the idea of cod roe in a tin, as only a small amount of the best cod roe was used industrially at that time.

Today Amanda Seafoods A/S is in Frederikshavn. We are 45 employees divided between production, warehouse, quality, development and sales. The factory is MSC, BRC and IFS certified and has its own cleaning unit, which among other things allows for the re-cycling of the water.

We are constantly focused on taste, quality and sustainability, and are frontrunners in product development. Because it should be simple to eat fish!

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