La Vegan from Maitre Pierre

La Vegan from Maître Pierre! A new, irresistible vegan tart.
This unique tart is the result of 100 years of family dedication to delicious food. Maître Pierre “La Vegan” is a special edition of our Flammekueche. This lovely tart is still the foundation of our beloved restaurant in the heart of France’s Alsace-Lorraine region.
The thin crust and carefully selected toppings make “La Vegan” unlike anything else. Traditionally prepared in a searing oven – today we can offer this unique tart unbaked and freshly frozen, so that you yourself can experience the truly crisp pleasure of a fresh-baked Flammekueche. 
Simple and delicious as an entrée or as a main meal, served with a fresh green salad.
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