Almondy Lactose free Chocolate Cake

Almondy has lauched its most sought-after cake ever – a lactose-free chocolate cake! Never before has the cake bakery Almondy received so many enquiries, as for this lactose-free cake. Finally the time has come to present the lactose-free newcomer – Lactose-free “Creamy Chocolate Cake”, with lightly roasted almonds.
This lactose-free “Creamy Chocolate Cake” is a creamy and good lactose-free cake, on an almond base, with a layer of light chocolate cream, covered with premium chocolate and topped with lightly roasted almonds, a very successful combination of flavours, which is popular in many categories of products.Almondy’s lactose-free ”Creamy Chocolate Cake” is already available in selected stores across the country priced at 48 kroner. The cake can be found in the freezer section of among others Kvikly, SuperBrugsen, Irma, Meny, Føtex and Bilka.
The cake thaws quickly and is enough for around 8 slices. The cake is gluten-free as are all (Almondy cakes) as well as being lactose-free.
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